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Working with Smart Objects in Photoshop

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

(a)DDL_017_Non destructive magic for really interesting results!


Daily Activities

Now that may not be a revelation for many of you, but I am an old school designer (I first worked with Photoshop 2.5 which had one undo and no layers) and I haven’t always kept up with new developments because I didn’t really need to :)

As mentioned before, the artwork of Dimday Red is heavy on compositing, so Smart Objects in Photoshop seem really smart now!


Intended Results

Optimize my Photoshop work-flow


Actual Results

Worked as intended, although I feel there are more I can utilize to make my work faster and more efficient.


Time Spent

About an hour on research and checking tutorials



  • Try to take the time and name your layers. Especially for more complicated images it pays up in the end!


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