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Setting my priorities straight

(a)DDL_021)_ The fun is over, time for work!


Daily Activities

After a long period of checking things out, discovering interesting stuff and generally having a good time looking around, today I decided its time to start doing some actual work on the game's art. I expect that will take the most part of this week. I will update as needed.


Intended Results

To start working on the game's art


Actual Results

As intended, although I must admit I wanted to postpone this part a bit more, until I am certain of the all the technical details.


Time Spent

6-7 hours



  • Until now I progressed through the project by working on many different aspects of it, little by little every day. I see that especially regarding technical stuff I am not familiar with, this is not very practical, as I forget the things I learned, because I didn't stay on the subject to practice on it. For example I really don't remember how particles work in AE, something I first learned about a month ago.

  • I don't regret spending all this time on all those subjects, because my findings defined how the game evolves. It's quite funny if I see my first drafts now!


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A new design I created for the Can of Worms side-story at Behance.

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