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Character Creation

Dimday Red / (a)DDL_22 / It's all about the characters


Daily Activities

In order to create some basic gameplay sreenshots, I have to finalize the design for my main protagonists. I have done a tone of research in order to decide what technique to use for their illustration, and created some drafts that are long rejected.

I am pretty happy with their look now, so the next step will be to create the final designs and reveal them to the world!


Intended Results

To finalize the design decisions for the two basic protagonists


Actual Results

As intended. They are not finished yet, so I won't upload them here, but their main look and feel is set.


Time Spent

About 6-7 hours for the female character, who I had to create from scratch. About an hour for the finishing touches on the male character.



  • No matter how important your story is, your characters will carry the weight of your audience's engagement. There is no one way to design them, as long as they convey the feel you need.

  • Give them some time to ripe! I remember I was pretty satisfied with my first drafts, but the way my thought about the game has evolved, I wouldn't want to use the mow.


Related Links

Until the final designs are ready, you can read the character's back-stories here!

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