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Working on the Physical Game

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

(a)DDL_016_Deciding on the game cards physical size and number


Daily Activities

Dimday Red is a Role Playing Game that will be produced both as a digital (PC/Mac game) and physical card game. The production of the physical cards will dictate how many cards I will have (and need to design ) for the digital game, as I want both platforms to share the same set of cards.

I needed to find how many cards in my desired size fit on the largest piece of paper (70x100cm) that can be printed. After I calculated that, I decided on the several kinds of cards I will need for the game.


Intended Results

To set the number and size of the physical card game


Actual Results

As intended


Time Spent

A couple of hours



  • Being a designer, I can ensure that the printed version of the cards will have very high production values, so I am working on my strengths!

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