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Prototyping is the Best!

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

(a)DDL_009_Make sure you prototype your game before it is too late!


Daily Activities

Today was the day all these ideas got to get tested. I made a prototype using Adobe XD, which does an amazing job, at a very basic level, since I got to create a working model of the game's main mechanics in less than a day.

Prototyping is essential in any complex project, but even more in ambitious projects, with limited resources.

One advice I hear a lot is to start small, and I believe there is much experience and truth in it. Still, there are those of us that don't do well with small, and always aim higher. If you are like that, my advice is prototype early and quickly. The time you gain can be spent to make your game a bit bigger!


Intended Results

Get a working sample of my basic idea


Actual Results

As intended. I managed to get very basic functionality for about 10% of the game, but it was definitely worth it!


Time Spent

About a day’s work.



  • As a solo gamemaker, my most precious resource is time. Prototyping not only helps test ideas quickly, it prevents large periods of time being spent at problematic concepts.

  • There are many tools for prototyping and Adobe XD may not be as recognized as others, but if you are using or have access to the Adobe Suite, it is a good tool to have for free!


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