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Final decisions on website, log & social

(a)DDL_020_ Much harder that initially thought!


Daily Activities

For the past couple of weeks I have been laboring on how to set the Dimday Red site. log, social and other side-activities (like the Wattpad stories) to work together, complimenting one another. I tried various ways to implement the log, making it members only or combining it to my Buy me a Coffe account.

In the end it decided to open everything to everyone, as building comradery and community is more important than a couple of bucks in support.


Intended Results

To get the optimal collaboration through all DDM's online presence.


Actual Results

A lot of time invested in trying out different options.


Time Spent

Several hours a day for a couple of weeks.



  • Having a consistent online presence can be very valuable but also very time consuming.

  • In my experience there are no silver bullets and you won't know what's best if you don't try a couple of options.

  • As you wouldn't publish a game without testing it, I believe it is important to test how people react to your promotional actions, before you invest too much time in them.

  • You may be one-man-banding the whole thing, but if you can get some help running your online presence it could prove invaluable.


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