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Posting 3D images on Facebook

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

(a)DDL_007_ 3D effect with image depth from the PC


Daily Activities

The title for this post could be "how to spend a whole afternoon on a single task"!

Today I set out to make use of the 3D image effect on Facebook. I will be very useful for promotion when the game cards start getting ready. The whole thing seems simple enough and you can read all about it from Facebook itself!


Intended Results

To achieve the aforementioned effect.


Actual Results

I did it, losing a couple of hours trying to understand why it didn’t work.


Time Spent

About 2 hours



  • What nobody tells you is that the process is not instant, so you will be left with the two images for a while, and if you press Post, it will upload the two images and not the 3D version. I hope this saves someone's afternoon!


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