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a worldbuilding workshop

creating worlds & stories based on your own experiences

by Spiros Drakatos


Discover a new way to build extraordinary worlds!


Are you stuck in a world-building rut, producing ideas that seem unoriginal and derivative? The Realm Weavers worldbuilding workshop can help you add something fresh to your concepts, characters, and their stories. It's designed to provide you with new ideas for creating realms that feel diverse and authentic.


Using your personal experiences to create unique worlds and one of a kind stories

It is said that all stories derive from seven basic plot archetypes, and this may be true in a way, but that doesn’t mean that our stories should be formulaic and derivative. As individuals, no matter where we live, how old we are, or our cultural background, we all have stories to tell that are unique to us.

This workshop is designed to help you utilize these exclusive experiences and implement them in your worldbuilding and stories.

Workshop Goals


Laying a Firm Foundation

Your world is the base upon which all your stories will come to life. The more intriguing and original, the more likely it will draw people into it. Don’t settle for just another generic setting, make it your own!


Create relatable worlds

Fantasy and sci-fi worlds are meant to sweep us off our ordinary lives, into new exciting realities. Still, creating a world that is relatable to the reader, no matter how outlandish or weird, will help draw them in and keep them engaged.


Manage cohesion

Sometimes we get carried away building our worlds, as we keep adding details that in the long term may end up contradicting each other. Learn how to manage cohesion and deliver worlds that feel skillfully knit and thought-out.


Tap into your own uniqueness

No two people share the exact same experiences. In this workshop you will learn how to dig  up and manipulate the things that make you a unique individual. Then you can shape them into worlds and stories that feel inspired and original.


Stand out from the crowd

For better or worse, we live at times that even computers write stories! So how can you claim what’s left of the ever shrinking attention span of your audience? Learn how to create worlds that stand out from the crowd!



Workshop Dates & Locations:

Please check below

Workshop duration: 2 hours

Facilitator: Spiros Drakatos

Experience: Novice - Intermediate Writers, DMs & Worldbuilders

Why Should You Attend the Workshop?


Unlock Your Creativity. As human beings we are all creative in one way or another! If you’ve read this far, you are probably one of those people whose creativity comes in the form of stories that strive to get out of your head! Discover how to make them immersive and exciting!


Experienced Direction. After a lifetime of telling stories through various mediums, I started working on the world of Dimday Red in the summer of 2020. Since then, I wrote and structured an extensive amount of lore and I have created a comic book and a tabletop game based on it. I put together this workshop to share my experiences in the art or worldbuilding and the lessons I learned the hard way!

Transform Your Worlds. Use the unique approach of the Realm Weavers workshop to breathe new life into your existing worlds, or bring amazing new ones to existence. Your stories can be many things but ordinary won’t be one of them!



Do you have that inner urge to create and destroy worlds at will - also known as God syndrome? Unleash your creativity and discover new methods to bring your worlds to life!



If you are writing, or you always wanted to write, a story in a fantastical world, chances are that you will come across the need to build certain parts of that world from scratch. Enrich your narrative through dynamic worldbuilding.


Game Masters 

If you're a DM wishing to add vivid worlds to your tabletop adventures, this workshop will provide you the tools you need to construct unique settings that enhance the game experience.


Tabletop RPG Fans

If you love tabletop role-playing games and want to build compelling worlds of your own, learn how to develop realms that support immersive storytelling and memorable quests.


Fantasy & Sci-Fi Fans

Fantasy, science fiction, and speculative fiction fans will discover a treasure mine of opportunities to unlock their creativity and bring their unique ideas to life.


Game designers

Whether you're working on a tabletop or a digital game, if you need to create and structure an original world, discover the ways to make it stand out and inspire the people who play it.

Who is it for?


Explorers and Dreamers

You don't have to be a professional writer or a seasoned GM. If the notion of bringing your fantasies to reality fascinates you, this workshop will give you the chance to do just that!


Experience the joy of worldbuilding, regardless of your background, skill level, or creative medium.

Let's embark on a journey beyond the limits of reality, and share what I have discovered in my own travels.

Join me in this collaborative quest to create worlds that captivate, challenge, and inspire.


Spiros Drakatos
Worldbuilder - Game Designer


Support the cause!

The Realm Weavers workshop is free for all!

If you would like to support it so it can keep helping people create amazing worlds you can become a Luminary Partician in Patreon and enjoy extra benefits!


Next stops


Graphic Stories - Cyprus

10 Mar 2024


Online Sessions

Coming soon!

Creating brave new worlds together!

The Realm Weavers worldbuilding workshop has been running for a while now and is always on the lookout for new places to present its methods. If you would like to attend in one of the physical locations, host the workshop in your space or event, or have any kind of collaborative idea, let’s get in touch!

An online version is also on the way, so if you are interested fill the form and you will be notified when it’s up and running.


Let's get in touch!

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