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Writing stories

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

(a)DDL_012_Make a story extraordinary because nobody cares about the ordinary!


Daily Activities

Today was all about writing Dimday's backstory and the first chapter for the prequel to the Beloved storyline, which is going to be published in Wettpad. I have scheduled to post one chapter each Friday, so stay tuned!

As mentioned before, Dimday Red is a story based game, so a considerable amount of my time goes to ensure the writing will be at the same quality level with the design and production standards.


Intended Results

Advance the basic story idea and build some buzz around it.


Actual Results

Very close to the intended result.


Time Spent

7-8 of writing.

About an hour of research on Wettpad



  • Scrivener is a great tool on Mac. Although they have a Windows version, it doesn't have the same functionality. They mention that in their site, but not clearly enough!

  • If you self-edit bigger texts, it is very handy to use a text-to-speech app. Hearing your story reveals small mistakes that editing apps miss.


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