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Using Pinterest as a Research Tool

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

(a)DDL_015_Find things you like or that you want to avoid


Daily Activities

I hadn’t taken Pinterest very seriously until this project. The thing I like most about it is the relative results it provides for any search you make. It is much more useful than Google photos and many stock photo libraries.

It also gives you a cool way to categorize your favorites. It doesn’t always work flawlessly, but you can find workarounds and end up with a super useful archive of references and ideas.


Intended Results

Wanted a tool for reference and research, where I could easily categorize my results.


Actual Results

Works as intended


Time Spent

It is an ongoing process. May spend about an hour each time I go looking for something.



  • I use Pinterest not only for inspiration, but to see what other people may have done on a similar concept or technique, so I don’t do the same. Sometimes we think we have a great idea, but if we look around, we will see that many other people have had that same idea before us!


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