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Social Media Management

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

(a)DDL_003_ Build a basic Social Media strategy


Daily Activities

I chose and created the social media accounts for the project  - I decided to post on a weekly basis on the following:

  • Facebook Groups - Although I don't expect much post engagement there, I can still have a lot of impressions in the bigger developer groups.

  • Facebook Page - I utilized a page from an earlier design related venture that is no longer active. That way I got to keep the page’s followers and didn’t have to start from scratch. I don’t have much faith in Facebook’s value these days, but people in your closer circles still see you there.

  • Twitter - Good for staying close to game journalists and make use of the #saturdayscreenshot tag.

  • Instagram - Build a younger audience there than I would on Facebook.

  • Pinterest/Behance - Get in touch with other creatives.


Intended Results

To be visible to as many people as possible.


Actual Results

I know by now that I will be mostly visible to my own circles, and that I will have to pay if I want anything more than that.


Time Spent

I didn’t keep time at that point, but I estimate about a day’s work to set and upload some content to all.



  • In most social media, the idea is to be active in each community, so you don’t show up out of the blue, asking for people’s money. To be active in all these places will need time, and as a solo dev time is not something you have. There are tools like Buffer and Hootsuite that can help post in multiple places at once, but even then you are still required to put in the time to comment and connect with other people. The best thing would be to find someone else to help you!

  • A spreadsheet is very useful to organize the media and the kind of content that is optimal for each. There is not much strategy (and use) in posting everything everywhere!


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