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Improve your writing skills

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

(a)DDR_014_How to write more engaging stories like professional writers


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As you may have understood by now, Dimday Red is a story based game. It is being produced in English, which is not my native language. Although my recent English is adequate in most cases, they may not be enough for writing a novel, so I needed help.

I could write the whole thing and give it to an editor to patch it up, or I could try to improve it to a point where the editor would have less work to do.

I discovered and use ProWritingAid that does a pretty decent job of bringing my writing up to par, but there is advice on the web that can make a difference. I keep checking for tips and best practices and up to now it has helped a lot! Check the links below to get an idea.


Intended Results

Improve my writing skills


Actual Results

Almost as intended, although I have yet to check with a professional human editor!


Time Spent

An ongoing process. Up to now 3-4 hours of research and reading online.



As mentioned in a previous article, there are programs that help with self editing. Still, it is important to find a skilled human editor to proofread your story.


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