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Log Use and Reason of Existence (updated)

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Feb 2022 Update

Wow, what a ride! It's been about a year and a half since I embarked on this journey, creating the world of Dimday Red and its characters. So many things have evolved, numerous others changed, but if one thing remains is my undying urge to tell this story about living in a finite world.

One major change is that this is no longer a solo-dev project. Still, I believe this log can be a useful tool for people who try to develop a game/world/story idea by themselves.

It seems the whole thing outgrew me and my humble abilities! I am so lucky to have found people who can support and expand on my vision. I still feel like a one-man-band trying to orchestrate the various elements of this project, but at least now I don't feel alone.

As a result this is not a dev-log as it started, but rather a creator-log, publishing my experiences and insights on IP development and management.

I will update this log on a weekly basis and I remain open for questions or any other way I can share my experiences and hard learned lessons! Keep in touch and enjoy watching the world burn :)

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Welcome to the Dimday Red DevLog! This is intended to be an actual log for the process of creating the Dimday Red game and my wish is to be a reference for others who would like to create and publish their own indie games.

A couple of words about me and this project. My name is Spiros, I am a designer and all around creative person. 1 Sick Puppy, as the name may suggest, is a one man show at this time. It started as a side project but as it develops it takes more and more of my time. My programing experience is very limited, so please don't expect extensive development advice. Still, I am using my 25 year experience in visual communication and storytelling to make this an extraordinary experience.

I will publish here the most important activities and although there won't be much detail, it should work as a road map for whoever needs one. The idea is to have snippets of the process, not long, hard to read articles.

I will be posting on the following game design and development activities:

  • Story Development

  • Concept Art

  • Character Design

  • Gameplay Design

  • UX/UI

  • Sound Design

  • Game Development (card game)

  • Game Promotion

  • Game Publishing

Here are the things I have already worked on in the months before this log, so you won't be hearing about them in as they happen. You could request about them though and I can create some relating posts.

  • Ideation

  • Initial Game Design Stages

  • Game Identity

  • Game Website Design

If you have any questions, please ask away in the comments, and I will make my best to be of help. Just have in mind that this is a super busy time, aiming to have a working versions of the game this fall, so please be patient on the replies!



P.S. I am not affiliated with any of the tools I mention on this blog. My goal is to help make things happen so others can make their dreams come true, not to get sponsors!

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