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Mind Mapping

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

DDL_002_ Finding that One great idea through all the other great ideas in your head!


Daily Activities

From experience, I know that complex projects require a lot of thought. Ideas come and go and it is easy to lose something important just because you didn’t write it down. And sometimes you think you have this great idea, only to see that it doesn’t work when you are too far along the road.

Mind mapping, done on a piece of paper or digitally, is a very useful tool to keep everything in line. There are many online tools for mind mapping, the latest I have used and liked is Mirro.

I try to put everything down and after I do; I try to tidy things up. It is like my thoughts are like spaghetti in my head, and with mind mapping I take them out and put them in order. It doesn’t sound very exciting, but it works miracles!


Intended Results

I wanted to put my thoughts in order and decide on the best directions for my game idea.


Actual Results

Very close to the intended. Ideation is something I have been doing all my life for my design and art projects, so there were no surprises there!


Time Spent

Several weeks in the beginning of the project. Many ideas came and went, and I hopefully kept the best to complete the game.



  • I find that asking questions and trying to answer them is among the most useful techniques when I create mind maps. For example, I have an idea for a new mechanic for the game. I will add a question like “Will that take the player away from the story?” I usually answer with a Yes or No and leave it or keep it accordingly. In a way it is like having a conversation with yourself, but in a less psychopath way :)


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