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Game Naming & Identity

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

(a)DDL_001_Creating a visual identity to stand out of the crowd


Daily Activities

This was well-mapped territory for me. It is what I know, to create strong visual identities. The most effort went to the naming of the game, but even there I know the rules.

That last one takes the most time. I came up with some amazing, I thought, names that after a quick search I found somebody else used them before. 

Playing around with the domain name, that is finding the .red suffix so the domain is was just the cherry on top!

Designing the logo came naturally as the letters fitted perfectly in their formation. I love it when that happens! I wish the rest of the project came so effortlessly :)


Intended Results

To have a game identity that would give it character and make it unique


Actual Results

Worked as intended


Time Spent

2-3 days



  • Keep the name short so that people remember it easily 

  • Use strong words that make a lasting impression

  • Use unusual words that are still easy to pronounce

  • Research and research again that no one else uses your name, at least in the same industry

  • I find to be an invaluable tool when I am working with words


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