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Creating the Dimday Dev Log

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

(a)DDL_018_Why put the extra time and effort


Daily Activities

The Dimday Red Dev Log idea was born when I first started stumbling on various issues regarding the project. I would lose hours trying to find how to do something, or to make an important technical decision. And I thought many people could be in the same position, trying to create a game without previous experience, but with a lot of ambition and drive!

I thought if I put some time each day to document this effort, it may help others save time, get some inspiration and make their idea, their dream come true.

For better or worse, I am not part of the Youtube generation, so this can’t be televised! It is made of small snippets of wisdom, structured and made easy to read. Like an explorer's diary!

I put some time aside (almost) every day, at the end of it, to share my victories and my defeats, my knowledge and my rumblings, to whoever may find any use in them!


Intended Results

To share the knowledge and help others realize their dreams


Actual Results

Based on people’s feedback works as intended!


Time Spent

It is an ongoing process. About an hour each day.



  • I believe that whatever we put out there comes back to us! I have seen it happen, and it is one of the most rewarding feelings I have ever felt.

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