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Choosing the Game Engine

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

(a)DDL_010_So many options, so little time!


Daily Activities

This has been a long and adventurous trip. As mentioned in the log’s introduction, I have some programming experience, but I am not a skilled programmer by any means. I had made a couple of games and apps in Flash using Acionscript but that’s about it. This is a solo project though, so I had to find a way to develop it myself. Traditional programming was not an option, so I had to find a Game Engine to work with.

The first one I accidentally came across, and was in a way responsible for planting the idea of developing a game myself, was Buildbox. I never got to try it, but it was my introduction to the concept of game engines.

After that I played around with Gamemaker for a while and I even bought a licence to use it.

In the end I chose Unity because it is a more visual tool, and closer to other programs I am used to working with, like After Effects or 3D Max. And then I considered the idea of using Playmaker with Unity, a tool that visualizes the programming process to a point you don’t even see the code. In the end I decided to go with Bolt, another framework for visual coding because it is more versatile.


Intended Results

To find the most efficient engine in relation to my ambitions and capabilities!


Actual Results

I have been undecided up to the point I can’t be anymore because I have to start developing!


Time Spent

It has taken months of reading, watching tutorials and trying stuff out.



  • A lot depends on your particular skills and work habits. Unity may seem a bit intimidating at first, but there is a ton of educational material out there, a lot of it for free, and a huge developer community ready to give a helping hand if needed.


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